PrimeCareRefer FAQs

Do I have to sign up?

No, if you just want to use the website to search for provider information that would be fine.

How do I sign up as a provider?

Click on the Provider sign-up line on the Right upper aspect of the page. From there you will need to submit a valid email and zip code then pick a password that only you will be able to see. Then follow the instructions on the email and it will bring you back to the website as a logged in provider. To claim and edit an existing profile or to enter a new one you would now hit “click to edit profile”.

If you already have a provider listing you can search for it and when you click on your provider listing you will see the option to claim the listing. If you don’t have an existing listing you can click to add a new one and follow the instructions.

What if somebody else claimed my entry?

Simply email us the concern in the lower right hand corner.

What if I don’t find my specialty?

We try to have them all included but if we don’t have yours just send an email from the link on the right lower bottom of the page.

When I enter my webpage info it says “Please enter a valid URL”.

You need to put the entire address in including the http://

Do I need to put my email, cell phone, fax number, etc. all in for my data?

You can put as much or as little as you would like.

Can I list the insurances I participate with?

In the notes section you can put any info that you feel will help providers refer to you.In a future upgrade we hope to have all insurances listed that you participate with.